Welcome to my new Podcast!!

This has been a long time coming but I am finally excited to have it launched and the first episode posted. This episode was recorded a while ago. Yet again, I was overthinking it and was not sure about posting it. I finally decided today that it was time to put it out there. You only learn by doing.

The good news is that since I recorded the episode, I have chosen a name and a general direction for the podcast. It is going to be called “Master The Journey”

Here is a part of the podcast summary I will be submitting to iTunes:

The journey of life is more important than the destination. Master The Journey is a weekly podcast about personal growth and entrepreneurship. Hosted by award-winning entrepreneur Kwame Kuadey, this podcast shares inspiration and tips on how to embrace the journey you are on and live a happy, fulfilled life while chasing your dreams. 

Stay tuned!!