Overcoming Tough Times with God

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast. So I have a question for you: how do you cope when you are in the darkest place in your business? What is your relationship with God during this time? The reason why I am asking this question is that I have been going through one of the toughest battles in business; one of them was challenging times I have ever had. I have been in business for about almost 7-8 years now and what I am going through now is by far the toughest thing I have ever gone through regarding business. As I reflect on what has been happening and why God is allowing this to happen, I feel like I need to record a video to share this experience while it is fresh on my mind because there is a lot of deep knowledge that I have gathered that I feel the need to pass along. Every time something happens, I always say this is the toughest battle and then there is another one that tops that. I have come to realize that the main reason that God puts me through this and every time gives me a bigger challenge is so that I can get to a higher level of trust. It is a test of trust. How much do I trust God based on the plan that He has for my life and the plan that I know He has? How much do I trust Him that He is going to see me though? How much do I trust God that He is not going to bring me this far? He has brought me very far out of nothing and How do I trust that He is not just going to leave me hanging here or He is just not going to drop it all after getting me this far? Each time I get to a bigger battle, it is a test of trust—do I trust God that He is going to be there and that there is a purpose for this challenge, there is a purpose for this battle, and that even though it hurts and it makes my stomach just want to just turn, that at the end of the day, there is a purpose to this. Some of the things I have gathered over the last few months is what I wanted to share in this video.

  1. You cannot lose hope. That is very easy to say, but actually practicing it is very hard because when you are coming in to the office, you are coming to your business and you see things going wrong, or you see things not going well, things are just progressively getting worse, it is hard for somebody to just tell you to just trust God. It feels like it is very easy to say but when you are staring at the abyss, you are staring at the problem that does not go away but keeps getting worse, how do you motivate yourself enough to be able to come and keep doing it knowing that God will fix it? That has to do with trust. You have to just trust God on that and you have to keep that trust level high and not lose hope regardless because if He has promised you that path, if this is what He has destined for you, He will see you through it. Even if you cannot see how that is going to happen, you have to trust that it is going to happen.
  2. One of the ways to solidify your trust is making sure that you are leaning close to God and that comes with prayer, you have to be praying constantly and making sure that you have Him in your pocket every where you are going so that God is with you, the Holy Spirit is running through you in everything that you do so that the fear that you have takes a backseat. You also have to be reading the bible. You have to make sure that you are reading because reading also helps you get affirmation. There are a lot of texts in the bible that can affirm what you are going through and sometimes you can read a text and speak it back to God and say you said this. You said if I trust in you, this will not happen. If I do this, this will not happen so I am trusting that it will not happen. Reading the word also helps you take words of affirmation and then point it back in front of God and say this is what I have read, this is what You have said and I am trusting that this is what will happen. That is very important and sometimes you don’t feel like reading. When things are falling apart, you don’t feel like reading, you don’t feel like praying but one thing you can do is listen to music. It is one of the things that can keep you going because in music and whatever it is like gospel rock, whatever you listen to, you need to make sure that you are in that even if you can pray or you can read that the music is surrounding you and giving you words of affirmation that can take you to the next level because it is going to get dark. No doubt about it, it is going to get very dark where you don’t feel like doing anything but you cannot leave the presence of God because the further you go, the more alone you would become and the more depressed you would become and the more confused and fearful and paranoid you can get if you would leave that surrounding. Make sure that you use these three tools of prayer, reading and listening to music to help you cope during this difficult time.
  3. Keep moving. This is very important. You cannot just sit and hope that things will happen. You have to keep moving you have to work extra hard, faster to get to where you are trying to go so you do your best and push yourself to you limit and let God handle the rest. You can only just sit and just hope that things will magically happen or that things would just fix itself. It would not. You have to, at this time, even when everything else is falling apart around you, you have to keep moving; you have to stay the course and you have to work extra hard and sync your mind and prepare your attention into the next thing that you have to do. The one thing that you have to do next is what you focus on. Focus on that, get it done, move on to the next thing, get that done and keep going and before you know it, you are accumulating a series of wins that is going to keep you motivated to keep going. You have to move and trust that when you move, God will direct your path as to where He wants you to go.

Having said all that, it may also get worse. Sometimes, you think it can never get any worse than this and then it gets worse. You have to also prepare mentally that it can get worse. One of the analogies that I have featured on my video is that in my experience, you may have a full well before the problem starts. Then your well begins to run out and it gets to a point where it never really runs out but it is also not a comfortable place to be. You may have this much water left and then it is going down and gets to a point where it is painful and it is getting worse and worse and you feel like the end is inside and things are just going to break and want to give up but you still have to start. That is where we go back to the tools that I have talked to you about that even when it is like you  cannot believe that this is happening, you cannot believe how bad things have gotten, you still have to trust that God can do it.

I can tell you from personal experience, I have been to storms. I have been running my business to as I have said, close to 8 years and I have been through several of these highs and lows and some of these lows make you so sick to your stomach you don’t want to get up and go to work. People are telling you that it is going to get better. You can’t hear it because you know what is happening, you know how scary it is to walk into that office and see everything that is happening and know that there is no easy fix to it. You need to trust. I have seen it all and every single one of those times, God has come through at the right time. With the current crisis I am going through, I am beginning to see a ray of hope and I am beginning to realize that sometimes it has to get worse, painfully worse, to force me to make the changes I need to make o turn the business around. There are some things that we are comfortable doing. It has to get so bad that you are staring at the end and then you have the courage to be able to change things. That has been my story that it is when during those darkest moments that I went best. It is during those darkest moments that I have come up with my best ideas. It is during those dark moments that I confront issues that I have been angry with for a long time that I have swept under the rug or didn’t want to be bothered with or have simply just ignored and let them grow to a point where they are unsustainable. Even when things are dark, even when it gets worse, it is an opportunity for you to look at what is God is trying to show you here. What changes? Sometimes you need to get to that point to make the changes He needs you to make to turn things better, to where it was supposed to be anyway.

Finally, there is going to be victory. Trust me there is going to be victory. You are going to come through it and you are going to see that all that work had a purpose. Usually, what I had to do is once I turn it around, I like to reflect. I want to learn what was the lesson in this painful test that I have just gone through so that I can understand what I was missing or what I could have done that would have changed my projection and what I didn’t do. That and that I am bringing the problem that I have been trying to solve and another important part of this is that you have to then share the testimony. One of the most important things about being a Christian is that your testimony is your ministry, is your message. People say that to believe in Christ or to be a Christian, you have to believe a lot of crazy things because people who are not Christians when they read the bible or when they read their Christian story, it baffles them the things that we have to believe. The way you live your life is how you show people or you show, you manifest your faith; your faith has to lift how you live your life. One of the most powerful things is your testimony or your victory. When you have gone through a test and God has guided you through it, then you need to be able to try and share your testimony because somebody would benefit from that experience and when they are in their darkest place, then they will also be able to remember that when you were there, God pulled you through and that they could also trust that God would pull them through. Your testimony is very important. You cannot forget that because also, remember, you have to give the glory where it belongs. You cannot go out of a test and claim that God got you through it and got pumping your chest as if you did it all. Then you have something coming. You have to recognize the person that helped you through the storm and use that as your ministry and share the word of God through the way you have lived and through to what you have overcome at that hour.

I hope sharing this has been helpful, as I have said, this is something that I am still going through and I am trying beginning to see the corner, the tide returning my favor and I felt like the lessons that I have learned that are so important that I need to record this before everything else takes over. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to see you on our next podcast. Please subscribe to our channel. Thank you.


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