Do you have a Mentor?

When I often talk to new entrepreneurs, we somehow always end up talking about mentors. First, they want to know if I have a mentor. And then they want to know how to go about finding one. I recorded this short video to answer both questions.

Do you have a mentor? What role has your mentor played in your business? How did you find your mentor? I would love to hear your experience. Please comment below.

When God Gives You a Break

When God gives you some breathing room, take advantage of it. Double your steps and make the radical changes necessary to move the ball forward. There is great joy and relief in knowing that God is firmly in your corner but YOU have to make the changes necessary to get the outcome you desire. Otherwise, the same God will allow discomfort to get you to move. So, when God gives you a break, work harder. Take advantage.

Enemy of the Good


Are you making the perfect “the enemy of the good”?

I am always impatient about anything that takes too long to learn. I like to get the gist of it first, start doing, then expand my knowledge along the way. This method comes with some pitfalls. What usually happens is that since I did not learn everything I needed to know before starting, I am likely to make mistakes, some of which could have been avoided had I spent the time to absorb everything before taking the plunge. On the other hand, by focusing on starting, I am able to move the ball forward and make progress.

That has been the way I have always operated and I don’t plan to change. That’s because the times I have opted to “prepare” and prepare well, I usually never start. Left to my own devices, I always convince myself there is one more thing to learn. This is the classic “making the perfect the enemy of the good”.

Get Started NowAre you holding yourself back by making the perfect the enemy of the good? Why not start today and see what happens? You may have convinced yourself you need one more degree, one more course, another mentor, another seminar, another convention, another coach or read one more book. But maybe you are ready and have been ready. Just start. You will be surprised how far you get. You may also be hiding behind “learning” and “preparation” to avoid having to start. Or worse, you may have told yourself you need to prepare mentally. I am sure you have a long list of reasons (actually excuses) why you haven’t started yet.

Confront your fears and start today. Start already!!!!!

Waiting on God

Sometimes, the thing you want the most is the most frustrating to get. It may even be something simple. Something so simple it’s easy for everyone else to get or attain BUT you. What if it’s not God’s will for you to have it at this moment? You may think you are  ready or deserve it but what if it’s not your time yet? Will you have the strength to praise God anyway if you realize it’s just not going to happen? Will you trust that it’s all going to work out for your own good? Will you have the patience and wait on God or take matters into your own hands like Abraham and create your Ishmael before your Isaac arrives?

Waiting on God
Waiting on God is the ultimate test of faith. And a part of that is praising him through it all, even when you don’t understand or are frustrated that what you want is taking long to get.

5 Ways to Use Humor in Marketing

"Humor in Marketing"

Most businesses shy away from using humor in marketing because they fear it may fall flat – making them the target of ridicule and jokes. As a result, they choose to play it safe. But what if there is a way to use laughter to get your customer’s attention and stand out from the pack? When done successfully, it can work. Here are 5 tips to help you do that:

Have fun with your logo.

Google does it all the time. In fact, it solicits logo ideas from students in the Doodle4Google competition; winners get their logos featured. Our team at VerticalResponse has “holiday-ed” up some of our own customer logos. When you add some holiday flair to your logo, you can use it for all kinds of things and drive more customers to your site or location.

Repost funny cartoons that have to do with your business.

Dilbert is a great example of an “office setting” that a business can use. When we use cartoons on our social-media feeds, we check to see if there is a copyright. If there is, we pay for it; if there isn’t, we link the cartoon back to the original site. Grammarly does a great job using humor that pokes fun at common grammar and spelling errors on its social feeds. You can get a ton of interaction with it.

Full story at Inc.

Starting Over

Hello and Welcome to my blog. I have had a personal blog on this domain since 2008. I usually blog about startups, entrepreneurship and things I find interesting. Earlier this month, I had someone work on another site for me, and in the process of uploading the site on to the host server, he ended up accidentally deleting all the files in my hosting account. As someone that owns an online business, – and is always paranoid about backing up our application and database, I had assumed that hosting company for my personal blog, AMHosting, backs up their servers. It turns out they DON’T. As a result, I lost all my blog content since 2008. I have been hosting with AMHosting for over 12 years and was disappointed I lost everything I had trusted them with. Needless to say, I moved my account.

At first, I was very angry about the whole thing. All that time and effort wasted. But then the more I thought about it, I figured I can turn this into something positive. Aside from the lesson learned about making sure I take a backup of my site regularly, I also decided this may be an opportunity to to START OVER – to take my blog in a new direction. So, stay tuned. I will provide more details soon. Thanks for stopping by.