5 Ways to Use Humor in Marketing

"Humor in Marketing"

Most businesses shy away from using humor in marketing because they fear it may fall flat – making them the target of ridicule and jokes. As a result, they choose to play it safe. But what if there is a way to use laughter to get your customer’s attention and stand out from the pack? When done successfully, it can work. Here are 5 tips to help you do that:

Have fun with your logo.

Google does it all the time. In fact, it solicits logo ideas from students in the Doodle4Google competition; winners get their logos featured. Our team at VerticalResponse has “holiday-ed” up some of our own customer logos. When you add some holiday flair to your logo, you can use it for all kinds of things and drive more customers to your site or location.

Repost funny cartoons that have to do with your business.

Dilbert is a great example of an “office setting” that a business can use. When we use cartoons on our social-media feeds, we check to see if there is a copyright. If there is, we pay for it; if there isn’t, we link the cartoon back to the original site. Grammarly does a great job using humor that pokes fun at common grammar and spelling errors on its social feeds. You can get a ton of interaction with it.

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