Hi! My name is Robert Rodriguez



I am a programmer.

If I wasn't or if you didn't know that, then I bet you wouldn't be here. No hard feelings though!

Of course, you might not know that if you were looking for a different Robert Rodriguez. There are a lot of us. You might be looking for the movie director, the fashion designer, or a middle manager. Those are all great guys, but they aren't me

Here's what I am good at:

If you'd like to know more about my projects you should check out my resume

Personal Life

I am about to marry a lovely woman who is finally about to quit going to school. Sorta.

I love to cook! Not so much on weeknights, but I'll still do it anyway. On the weekends is the time to actually cook a lot of nice things, we're working on getting the hang of baking, it can definitely get complicated. Stupid bread.

I am not the least bit outdoorsy, I do work out, but no one wants to hear about that though!